01.10.2000. Official site for Lands of Myst opened.

25.09.2000. Necromancer class coming. Any intresting thoughts about it?  

20.09.2000. Few things about religion...would you like your heroes to follow any specific god?

16.09.2000. Bugs and ideas that arrived during summer were fixed/implemented.

15.09.2000. New Immortals promoted. Welcome, Perun and Trayan.

01.09.2000. Area building in progress. If you have any good idea about an area, why not try to implement it. Download Mud Editor here.


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"In the beginning there was Chaos, and within it was Power, Great Power without Form. Yet within Chaos there was Motion, and within Motion was Form, and within this Motion were the Words, which shaped the Motion, and gave it Form. And the Great Speakers were awakened, and the Great Words were spoken, and the Great Magick was wrought, the birth of the World. And in the Image of the Great Speakers were we awakened, and in the Image of the Great Words have we spoken, and in the image of the Great Magick have we wrought our world. As it is said, so be it done."





The Verrah Rubicon, Book One, "The History of the World"