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Welcome to the Lands of Myst MUD adventurer!

Lands of Myst MUD (LOM) was originally created in 1996 at the university of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Serbia. It is based on DikuMUD and CircleMUD codebases and was (and still is) the largest MUD in this part of the world! It is currently maintained and running from California, USA.

LOM has a basic MUD web client that allows you to connect instantly in your web browser. You can start playing now by clicking this link.

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The World is a Text Adventure

Lands of Myst is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD), textual adventure game. If you are asking yourself why would anyone play a textual adventure game in the age of World of Warcraft and VR, the answer is simple: it is FUN beyond anything you may have experienced.

Actually I will let Richard Bartle, the father of MUDs, explain one more reason: Text is the highest bandwidth medium we have for the imagination!

What is Lands of Myst?

Lands of Myst is a fast-paced, action-packed game. It leans more towards the hack & slash types of MUDs

The background story is that Kerjim, lord of the Balrogs, and his half-brother Primus, ruler of Nirvana, have conspired to eliminate the world as we know it and establish chaos. You and your friends are summoned to the Lands of Myst to be the ones to stop them and win the hearts and minds of everyone in the Lands.

You will start in the capital city of Midgaard as a level 1 character. You will become more powerful as you level up. This will allow you to venture further away from Midgaard and gain valuable skills and items that will make you even more powerful. Eventually you will form clans with likely-minded players. There is no player killing, so you will have to find creative ways to hinder opposing clans’ progress.

Choice of race, initial stats and class is very important as it will define your playing experience. Expect to recycle your first character after some time to pass on the level up items to your second character.

The game has a sophisticated quest system which allows players access to unique and powerful quest items, special items and other benefits.

This level 15 Homan Monk just had a lucky discovery of an ego item. And just barely missed a lightning strike.

If you are new to MUDs read this basic help

If you are already experienced start with advanced help and the check other game features

When you are ready to play, check different ways to play the game.

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