Lands of Myst MUD

Advanced help

This document is for you if you already have experience playing MUDs. If you are new to this I suggest you read the basic help first.

Few tips to get you started:

  • Check donation room (east from Temple of Midgaard) to see if there are any items you can use
  • Go through the MUD school (down from start) and gather sub issue equipment. At the end of the mud school you will (hopefully) kill diplome beast and get  your first leveling item – diploma (+1 WIS)
  • Maximum you can boost any stat is your racial maxium which is indicated in the score command.
  • You can find starting equipment in Newbie zone (just NE of Midgaard) such as cool newbie helm (+1 CON), cool newbie sleeves (+1 INT) and shiny newbie cloak (+1 WIS). The other place to check is Smurf village (east gate of Midgaard). Small necklace worn by Smurfette is +1 INT and glasses by Brainy smurf are (+1 WIS). 
  • Some other useful low level items are shiny newbie dagger (+1 damroll), pink ice ring (+1 str and +6 hitpoints) and amber potion (cure). Last two are found in Dwarven daycare which is just outside east gate (2e, d, s). Type ‘AREAS’ for list of all areas.
  • You can also ask Yoda for directions to areas. ‘say help directions’
  • You do not lose any experience until you are level 7. So feel free to explore other areas around Midgaard like Snotlings and Firenewts. 
  • Money is useful on low levels. Get Sanctuary from Yoda or a pet (or two) from the pet store to help you level faster.
  • Type AFFECTS to see spell affects you have on you.
  • Quests are useful way to quickly earn money and experience points. Willie is the questmaster and is located in the Zoo in the southern Midgaard. ‘HELP MIDGAARD’ for map.
  • Customizations are available with the TOGGLE and AUTO commands.
  • Make it your goal to reach level 7. This is where real fun begins. Also at that point you can create or join a CLAN.

Read about rest of the features to get your self acquainted with those.

A look at Kerjim, Lord of the Balrogs. First few times you see this screen your character will end dead.

Enjoy your time here!

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