Lands of Myst MUD


Lands of Myst is a fully-featured CircleMUD/DikuMUD derivative. It is built to be a fast and engaging game for both casual and passionate players.

Some of the game features:

  • Free to play, fast-paced, no bs, action packed MUD
  • 7 playable classes and 10 races with distinct abilities and over 300 skills/spells to use while exploring over 100 areas. Play a lonely thief or ranger, be ultimate support cleric or a deadly mage.
  • Non-player killing. Hinder your opponent progress in many unique ways.
  • Morgue where you can pick up your body and equipment (for a fee) after death
  • Monsters feature sophisticated AI (I do AI for living) leading to surprising situations.
  • Boss monsters! Every zone has one with unique and powerful items.
  • Join other players in CLANs. Clans can ‘own’ areas by slaying the zone boss mob most times. Area ownership gives the clan extra experience in the zone.
  • Sieges! Kerjim and Primus are sending forces to try and overtake Midagaard.
  • A sophisticated quest system with unique items to be won.
  • You can log into the game as an NPC. Unleash your creativity!
  • Uniquely powerful spells that can be cast only by a group of spellcasters getting together. Example: Petrify will freeze a powerful monster for some period of time.
  • Ego items – special abilities presenting themselves only after the item has been identified making them legendary. Example: ego sword that casts fireball in combat.
  • Items can be ENGRAVED making you the sole owner of the item. Engraved items will be preserved in your equipment when you die.
  • Auction system, mob programs
  • Play and win $10,000 USD!
Player getting a quest in the game.

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